We are very pleased with the initial release of the Pocket Pipe Calculator. We know you will be as you see your productivity increase and the ease at which you can solve basic pipefitter math problems. We built the calculator because we felt the need to provide a tool that will help veteran fitters as well as new fitters. Anyone can use this calculator even if they have not fully grasped the concept of the math involved. This app allows you as a fitter to spend more time tweaking your fit, leveling your run, plumbing your fit up, whatever it may be. Improvement in productivity is what we want to provide you with. One of our goals is to make this readily available to everyone. Our affiliate program is designed just for that. There are a few basic requirements to be eligible but very easy to follow.

Get Your Pipfitter calculator for free:

1. Refer 3 people (work buddies) who download and purchase the App from the android marketplace or iTunes(soon to be released)
2. Send us an email with the names of the 3 people you referred and what OS for each so we can verify
3. In order to maintain eligibility the user must remain an active user for 30 days on their device.

What is next....

1. A full refund will be issued to you
Thank you for your participation in the referral program.

Contact us either by:
Phone/text: 207-200-1556
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PipefitterCalculator
Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/in/pipefittercalculator
Web: www.pipefittercalculator.com